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Connects to your preferred BMS

Modbus Compatible Designed for Beckhoff, ABB, trend, priva, siemens, Wago, Honeywell, Schneider en Arduino

New TP10 for Modbus® RTU

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Easy to install

Benefit from years of development and finetuning. Mounting and installing the TP10 is as easy as installing any standard socket switch.

Maintenance free

Our devices have been made with one goal in mind, create the most powerful all-in-one-device with the lowest total cost of ownership.
No calibration required, long lasting stable measurements and fast commissioning.

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We develop the most cost-effective field devices that solve real demonstrated problems in building automation.

Simplicity, affordability and ease of use all lay at the base of our products. Our products communicate via MODBUS, wirelessly or over 3-wires directly to a Beckhoff™ I/O via our patented DIOC® protocol.

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Universal Sensor Based Touchpanel

One device for all your room automation challenges. Replace all your switches and sensors with our all-in-one device.

Room Analyzer RA

Room Analyzer

Want all the monitoring features but no need for buttons? Our Room Analyzer has all the advantages of the TP10 but without touch.

Extra Design Options Black

Extra Design Options

Have specific design needs?

A beautiful exclusive silver frame? Or gold for exclusive interiors?

Monitor the room environment with the built-in Multi Sensor Array

Sick Building Syndrome

Studies have shown that poor indoor air quality can have a detrimental effect on productivity, health and overall happiness, potentially leading to an increase in absenteeism and staff turnover in the workplace.

Air Quality

VOCs originate from a number of different sources including building materials, cleaning agents, furniture and indoor chemical reactions. As a practical, time and cost-effective method of surveying indoor environments for contamination, the total VOC (tVOC) concept has been introduced.


The multi-pixel approach allows CO2 measurements without degradation of the sensor provided by a raw value for eCO2. It doesn't require calibration and has no drift.


A highly accurate temperature sensor (-20..+120°C, +/-0.3°C) allows efficient control of heating, cooling and ventilation.


Thanks to the high-range light sensor, light harvesting can be done on a fine and granular level without sacrificing comfort or wellness.


A well-regulated relative humidity in the room has positive effects on both health and energy consumption.
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