AirQ, for better air quality in your work and living space.


Air Quality

The importance of air quality is increasingly being highlighted in the news. We see more experts recognizing the importance of good air quality. Not only CO2, but also humidity and VOC play an important role in this. As a market leader and manufacturer of all-in-one sensors, we offer everyone the opportunity to achieve this with our “all-in-one” air quality monitor, which can control both the CO2 level and the air quality.

After using an AirQ device in the classroom for a few weeks, I would like to express my satisfaction to you. I noticed a great attention to the test result in the classroom, both by the students and the teacher. The clear and simple display makes it clear to everyone at a glance how the air quality in the classroom is. I find that the attention for fresh air has greatly increased and that there is now always a window and/or door open to improve air quality. I hope that this will also lead to more attention for air ventilation at home for the children.


I would like to order additional AirQs, so that this attention can be passed on in the different classrooms.

– Geert De Kezel, director

How does AirQ work?

We use an improved version of the flashing light method in which the device not only turns red, orange or green, but also displays the CO2 and VOC content through white LEDs and smileys.

Meer over AirQ?

  • Monitoring of CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Indication of good or bad CO2/VOC by use of “Smiley” icons and 10 large white LEDS
  • Maintenance-friendly and scratch-resistant glass front panel
  • Configuration possible via App and NFC (Android)
  • White LED indication per smiley
  • Background glass plate colors green, orange or red according to the CO2/VOC limits
  • Automatic brightness adjustment according to room light

Branding - Your logo?

Do you want a personalized AirQ? That’s possible, thanks to our innovative printing process, we can print the AirQ with your logo (with a minimum order).

Or do you want a specific version of the AirQ with an indication of air quality + relative humidity?

Contact us at for your specific project.

For offices

Do you know the air quality of the room you work in?

  • Does your workspace meet the ventilation standards?
  • Is the meeting room sufficiently ventilated?
  • Do your employees know that you already have a well-regulated ventilation system where the air is sufficiently refreshed?
  • Not sure how much CO2 or VOC is present in your office?
  • Do you want to reassure your customers about air quality?

For schools

Didactic value

Do you recognize this?

How do we find the balance between ventilating and heating? Can I ventilate by putting the windows on tilt? Does the CO2 decrease enough during the night? How long should the windows be open?

Upzio AirQ provides the answer to these questions, but it is so much more. You can link clear actions to the measurement and involve students and staff in dealing with air quality in classrooms and offices.


Learning and experimenting

What is the effect of moldy cheese on VOC? What is the effect of hand sanitizer (alcohol) on VOC? 

Information about Upzio AirQ


The Upzio AirQ provides a good indication of air quality but is not a measuring instrument for CO2 or VOC.

The device cannot be used in spaces where an exact CO2 measurement is required.


The Upzio AirQ measures both the CO2 level and air quality (VOC). The device turns red as soon as one of the parameters is at its maximum. Both parameters must drop below the threshold value so that the device turns green again.


Why do we measure VOC?

By measuring air quality (VOC or volatile organic compounds), you can determine whether harmful substances are present in the room. Below is a list of substances that have a significant impact on VOC:


  • Deoderant
  • Nail polish
  • Care products
  • Ethanol
  • Paint, glue
  • Copying machines, printers, etc
  • Benzene
  • Other gases such as methane gas (of human or animal origin, e.g. from intestinal activity of dogs and cats)
  • Dry cleaning



For a complete list:


What can I do to make the device turn green again?

  • Check if the above substances are present and remove them if possible.
    Ventilate the room
    Check if the device is located in a place where sufficient air exchange is possible

The white LEDs indicate the amount of CO2 and VOC, but the absolute value cannot be read on a display.


Through the Mobile App, the value of all parameters (CO2, VOC, temperature, humidity, etc.) can be read.

Yes, it is available for Android in the Google Play store.

Please note that the App communicates via NFC (currently only on Android) with the device.

The App is already in use by us today and allows you to read all sensors as well as make some adjustments via NFC.

How to read?

  • Start the App.
  • Activate the NFC function of your phone.
  • Tap the phone’s NFC sensor against the bottom of the AirQ.
  • TIP, consult the instructions of your phone to find the exact location of the NFC sensor so that you can tap it precisely against the NFC sensor of the AirQ.
  • You will now hear a ticking sound and then a ringing sound when the AirQ has been successfully read.
  • You can then read the sensor values as shown in the image below.

Scroll through the list and look for the parameter you want to read. In this case, it is named “CO2 value” with a value of 1096 ppm.

The VOC value in this example is 653 and is expressed in ppb (parts per billion).