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TP10 - Modbus

TP10 - Modbus

TP10 – Black or White GlassPlate – Base Recessed or Surface Mounted – Pre-mounted and individually packaged

Consists of Front TP10 GlassPlate – 1pcs, Gray Frame – 1pcs, Backpanel – 1pcs, Modbus Interface


The TP10 device is a control panel for homes, offices, …The device communicates over MODBUS protocol with the existing building management system.

. The device features the following functions

  • 10 freely programmable touch buttons with LED on/off indication
  • 6 built-in sensors
  • Room temperature
  • eCO2
  • VOC
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point
  • Light intensity

There is no intelligence in the TP10. This makes it possible to assign functions to the various push buttons yourself. You can visualise these functions by placing icons on the glass plate. An online tool is available for this.

Icon printing

Thanks to our unique glass printing technology, icons can be printed for each button on the glassplate.


How to get started?


Step 1 : create a design
To start a new design, click on the plus icon.
Now create your print by dragging the icons to the squares on the panel on the right.


Step 2 : enter your contact information in the data field


Step 3 : submit your print
Click on the paperplane icon to submit your print.